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Delivering Sacred Trust and Safety by uniting and empowering Security GRC & Assurance.


We have set out to empower every individual within your company to help drive compliance, governance, and security to create sacred trust with your customers. Each employee is a potential vulnerability, like in The Matrix, where Mr. Anderson can use innocent bystanders as shields and can even weaponize them. As security leaders, you can’t go on the offense because you can’t afford any “collateral damage” as they are the same assets and principals that you are trying to protect. So, how do we deal with them? As they say in karate, deflect your opponent's strength and use it against him/her. Use Mr. Anderson’s technique to “weaponize” as many users in your company as you can to fight against them.


We truly believe that security compliance is about continuous learning while building trust and transparency within and outside the organization. The only way we can accomplish this is by making compliance affordable, actionable, and operable at the speed of DevOps. ComplianceCow is an API-first security compliance platform for applications running in the public cloud and Kubernetes. It fundamentally transforms how companies do security compliance today from the status quo check-the-box attitude to a culture of security compliance as a set of enterprise telemetry and signals.


We are customer obsessed. This boils down to three core things: Trust, Collaboration, and Fun. We believe in the value of trust. Trust between vendors and customers. Trust between employees and companies. We are all in it together. We must trust each other to work best together. We use verification to ensure trust. Trust allows for collaboration. Working together with different perspectives drives optimal outcomes. Diversity of viewpoints and just sheer manpower make collaboration powerful. All this would be nothing without fun. Trust allows this comfort. We excel at what we enjoy, and we work hardest when we are having fun. We put the TCF in Security GRC at ComplianceCow and always verify with Assurance.

The Correct Team

Raj Krishnamurthy
27+ years of software engineering, product management and IT experience with building, launching and managing distributed and high performant software products and services in data centers, private and public clouds. I started as a real time systems engineer and my experiences span large technology firms such as Hewlett Packard, Hitachi Data Systems and Sungard Availability Services and cutting edge startups as well. I also actively participate and contribute to open source projects, working groups and communities in security and compliance domains. At ComplianceCow, I focus on product development and I bring depth and expertise of software, technology, tools and governance related to security that helps us to build a world class security grc product.
Ram Manavalan
vp engineering
I am a passionate and proficient software technologist having played multiple technical leadership roles in global product companies such as PayPal and Philips Healthcare in various locations across the globe. After being a part of enterprise companies for over a decade, I challenged myself and got into startup companies. At ComplianceCow, I head the software development team while I continue to have my hands-on in programming on a regular basis. Most of my experience has been in building and rewriting large distributed systems in the web and mobile app development space, with a special focus on security, performance and scalability. I have a good comprehension of functional and non-functional aspects in enterprise systems and always recommend solutions considering all the appropriate technical tradeoffs. I educate and promote the use of system/code maintainability aspects such as micro-services architecture, design patterns, clean coding through object oriented and functional programming paradigms and avoiding anti-patterns & code smells. When I am not occupied at work, I love to solve combinatorial problems using the various data structures and problem solving techniques. I graduated from the Computer Science department at the College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai in 2001.
Luke Page
vp operations
After 12+ years as a VC investing in startups, I jumped across the table to help build them. I started at Milestone Venture Partners investing primarily in security and digital health before moving on to RTP Ventures to invest in security and gtm related companies. This investing in and working with b2b companies educated me and made me want to do it myself with one company. From working with DataDog to working for ComplainceCow, I have made the switch. At ComplianceCow, I am building out sales and marketing as we add to our ongoing enterprise engagements and prepare for the future where Security GRC is a true expression of trust.