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Building Resilient Cybersecurity with the CIS Controls Framework

Picture this: a fortress equipped with impenetrable walls, a vigilant army, and advanced defense mechanisms. That's the vision the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls Framework paints for organizations seeking to ward off cyber threats. This robust framework serves as the blueprint for constructing a formidable cyber fortress, complete with a strategic layout of security controls and an adaptable approach. So, buckle up and embark on a journey through the CIS Controls Framework—the gateway to a secure and resilient digital domain.

Building the Unsinkable Company

Tragedies happen and are mainly out of our control, but sometimes we can learn from them. The Titanic was a model of modern technology, the Unsinkable Ship. Watertight bulkheads divided the hold so that the damage would be contained if there was a breach. Unfortunately, a fateful turn caused the breach to be too large for these defenses. Tragically, other safety measures were shortchanged based on the confidence derived from the bulkheads resulting in disaster.

Compliance Automation - the simple case and adjusted conclusion

There has always been a perceived tension between compliance (strings) and sales (helium). It is hard enough to get off the ground and run a profitable, successful business in 2022 without being hamstrung by compliance. This sort of overhead expense not related to the direct pursuit of business should be dealt with carefully and sparingly unless it does impact the direct pursuit of business.