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Beyond Automation

  • Guided Workflows - Where you work - Slack or Teams

  • Bot Conversations - Ease required collaboration

  • Automated Evidences - Automate whatever is possible

  • SQL Rules - We have many, plus bring or build your own


ComplianceCow was built to unite Security GRC & Assurance. Working with enterprise customers, we have carefully removed the friction, step by step, to drive collaboration. Users can access and interact with the tool through the conversational bot on Slack, Teams, or Webex Teams. There is no need to learn a new system. Silos are removed, delivering better outcomes faster.

Team Sport

We then turn this wider adoption and usage to the business's advantage by enabling all users to write rules and policies democratizing Security GRC & Assurance. The product caters to technical and non-technical users alike with high-code through no-code level inputs. Different people, different perspectives, and different languages ALL on the same system to accomplish the same ultimate trust goals.

Link Evidences

  • Collect Once and Use Many

  • Run Multiple Policies & Frameworks

  • Crosswalk the Controls

  • Due Diligence Questionaire Mapping

  • Drive Efficiency

  • See Similarities and Plan for the Future