Download the ComplianceCow Manifesto

Create a Circle of Trust

Eliminate Friction

Easy Collaboration between Policy Managers (Security, Risk, Audit) and Line Managers (DevOps, Engineering, IT)

Increase Agility

Controls-as-API allows easy integration for Continuous Monitoring, Consumption, Sharing and Decision Making

Empower Leaders

Easy to use Plugins for Visualization and Notebooks allow Leaders to focus on Analysis, and not just Automation

Key Risk Indicators to Key Performance Indicators in 6 Simple Steps

You can visualize your Risk Control Outputs and Trends in 6 simple steps. Radically change your Controls Management and Costs.


Create Policies

Select Risk Controls Framework

Import Custom Risk Controls Framework

Specify Controls Execution Policies


Select Scope

Specify Systems in Scope

Provide Access Credentials Securely

Provide Custom Inputs



Execute Risk Controls On-Demand and At-Cloud-Scale

Integrate with ContiNube CLI/API

Integrate with Continous Delivery Pipeline




Box Plots

Timeseries Analysis



Simplified Workflow for Review and Approval

Sandbox Testing

Auto Remediation



Extract Controls Data

Explore and Visualize

Integrate with 3rd party tools and ML Studio


Enabling Agile Enterprise Risk Management. Moving at DevOps Speed.

Increase (IT) productivity

Let them focus on High Value work. Cut IT overhead.

Free up Management Time

Simplified IT Maturity Index based on Industry Standards.

Reduce (IT) Risk Management Cost

Upgrading/Implementing new standards is a whole lot easier.

Democratize Risk Management

Simplified workflow to deal with Controls Lifecycle.

Keep your Company Safer

Automatically executing on the intent of the control.

Continuous Risk Management

CI/CD + CR. No more silos. Integrated approach with Digitization.

Better Organizational Alignment

Teams can collaborate better, faster towards improved risk outcomes.

Increased Confidence

Simple, easy-to-access runtime information for future Risk Analytics.