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Beyond Automation - Collaboration

The compliance buzzword of the decade is automation but that solves for the technology by avoiding the people or abstracting away the people and process. This reality would be fine except those pesky people keeping changing the system and doing stuff. A new type of solution is required that meets the requirements driving automation while appropriately addressing the people. The answer is collaboration. Collaboration across systems, people and teams. This Collaborative Security GRC meets the needs of the modern cloud first enterprise with automation and workflows where you work, Slack or Teams.

Traditional Tools and Approaches are no longer sufficient

Increased Cloud Security Surface Area

Cloud has consolidated our assets. However, the growing customer preferences and ease of onboarding has created a plethora of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services

Too Many Touchpoints

On average, Security Analysts depend on at least 8 to 10 of his/her peers in DevOps, Platform Engineering, IT Admin and Security Engineering to collect data on Security Risks

Too Many Security Tools

Cisco's 2020 CISO Benchmark Study states that a Mid-sized Enterprise uses 50-75 Security Tools. Cloud simplifies this but the problem still remains

Ineffective Sampling

How can Security Compliance keep up if you are validating on a very small sample size, and once a year? How can such low frequency and less sample size correlate to the high frequency of Security Risks?

Broken Processes = Poor Security Compliance

Redundant Compliance Work

A Medium sized Enterprise manages 5 to 7 Security and IT Frameworks, on average. And most organizations have no cross-matrix of these controls in any meaningful way. Compliance has just become some busy work

Data and Spreadsheet Overload

Lack of Mature Cloud Scale and Cloud Native Compliance Tools has caused Inundation of Data and a Total Overload of Spreadsheets

Zero Learning

Security Compliance is about Establishing Trust. How can we create Trust if we do not Continuously Measure and Learn valuable Security Compliance Signals?

Broken Workflows

The traditional tools lack the meaningful and intelligent workflows that we have come to expect from DevOps systems. We need smarter workflows

The Story

Better Security GRC & Assurance

  1. Robust Rules Engine – create, enforce, and audit rules and policy

  2. Policies and Assessments - use ours or build your own, all are yours to keep

  3. Execution - collaboration, automation, and orchestration

  4. API-first approach – easy integration, use the tools you love

  5. Analytics and Remediation - scoring, prioritization, ticketing, and automation

  6. Collaboration - guided chat workflows and high to no code policy authoring

  7. Programmable Platform – programmatically annotate and generate context specific reports

  8. Automation – Automated workflows and evidence collection


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ComplianceCow Easily Fits Your Enterprise Stack

Minimalistic, Automated Security GRC & Assurance delivered via Slack or Teams

ComplianceCow Easily Fits Your Enterprise Stack